Student/User Mobile Application

Mobile Application that provides students with campus-specific guidelines, communication platform, and data gathering capabilities.

  • School-published guidelines & Waiver of Liability
  • Daily Health Status
  • ClassPass COVID-19 Screening Tool
  • Self Reporting Tool with "1st Interview" Questionnaire
  • Opt-in Location Data Tracking
  • Messaging Platform

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Campus Health App
  • Self-Screen 1
  • Self-Screen 1
  • Self-Screen 1
  • Self-Screen 1
  • Self-Screen 1

Daily Screening & Health Pass

We seek to reward positive behaviors by providing student health index reports for each student, tracking consistent screening.

Badges can be used at Schools to demonstrate student-support for healthy campus norms including:

  • Promote community norms & safe practices
  • 21 Day Daily Reward
  • Weekly use of mindfulness tool

On-Device Contact Tracing

For privacy and security we use on-device intelligence to evaluate if a student has had an interaction with someone who has submitted a self-diagnosis.

Built-in Privacy

  • User location data is completely anonomized before sending.
  • All contact tracing is performed on device, not on servers.
Health Pass
Self-Screen 1

Diagnosis Self-Reporting

Students can self report a positive diagnosis, the results of an antiviral test, or even alert administrators of frequent non-compliance.

  • COVID-19 Diagnosis
  • Antibody Test
  • Non-Compliance Notification

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